Dual Wield created Bug


To date I have been dual wielding 2 pistols, but have just tried sword and pistol to discover the following issues.

The single handed melee weapon can only go in the right hand, which is probably as intended.
However, the melee weapon is 'held' as if by an invisible pistol grip, pointing as if a long barrelled gun.
Once equipped with a melee weapon and pistol, the Inquisitor then 'glides' about, with no running animation or sound.

Submitted to bring to Dev's attention, hope it helps.

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Dual Wield created Bug
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7 years 93 days ago

Further to the above post.

I took the Inquisitor into a mission with one of my weapon load outs as a Power Sword and Bolt pistol and encountered the following issues:

1.  Initially the character appeared 'aiming' the sword like a rifle, with the bolt pistol floating underneath the left hand; the magazine for the pistol was detached from the model, floating off to one side.

2. The Full Auto skill (No.2) did not work at all during the entire mission.

3. The missile launcher of my demolition armour when in this mode fired only one missile at a time, during the entire mission.
4. When in this mode there was no movement ( running footsteps), nor the reloading ammo sound, during the entire mission.

When I swapped to the other weapon load out, everything in that mode functioned normally, however when I changed back:

5. The character was now stuck in a running animation when stationary (running on the spot); it could move about freely.
6. The character now held the sword correctly, but the pistol was now at right angle to how it should be and, looked like it was being carried by the breach (like a suitcase).

Sorry, but I think this may need some attention. lol  But the weapon combo has good potential.

7 years 92 days ago
Thank you for your report! Added to our notes.