DOT mechanics



I find the operation of the DOTs sad in the game. As they do not stack up and if you hit it too fast they do not even make damage. 

There is a lot of capacity that becomes less interesting. 

Is a mechanical change planned for DOT?


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DOT mechanics
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78 days ago

The next patch will bring some changes in this regard: if you re-apply a DoT the previous one won't reset.

78 days ago
There is a fine line between fire an forget being boring and useless. But the OP is right that DOT damage as a primary method is not viable. It should be. However, we have entire broken builds that should be viable that aren't. So I put it in that basket.
79 days ago

Too strong DoT would lead to op fire&forget speed builds that would make any other build redundant I think. 

Its more passive role (like Daedrael mentioned) is just fine...

80 days ago
For me dots are used as triggers for more damage and not to actually do the damage themselves (even though there are buffs to the dot damage itself).

Bleed > +x% damage against bleeding

Bleed > passive slow after bleed > +x% damage against slowed 

Bleed(+slow)/Poison/Burn > +x% damage per debuff