Doorways and walls &camera angles


Doorways & walls edges  -  they really need to have a cover point on the left an right side of each door.  Some doors have this others  do not and the inconstancy is a killer.   Another issue is the AI  can shoot through  them.  I  find myself  where bullets are coming straight through the walls and hitting me  even though i can't even see the  enemy since it is on the other side.

Camera  Angles -- in development we were promised to be able to set the camera angle any way we  wanted or at least  from a few presets.   For instance right now the camera is hiht up and  looks   just slightly forward so the AI  can see you long before you can see them.  I would like to have the camera  lower down closer to the back of your character and  so you can see forward  like 3rd person almost.

Either the above of have  NPC AI  use the same logic as you  do for acquiring a  target so if they are behind a wall they can't just shoot you and would have to walk  around or wait for you to enter their room.

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Doorways and walls &camera angles
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3 years 346 days ago
I agree. the inconsistency has caused me a few deaths. In addition to the camera changes, I'd also like a default camera view hotkey. I really dislike how the assasination animations (though cool looking) drastically switch my camera angle, and I either have to adjust, or spend time in combat dealing with the finiky move camera option.

- hotkey to reset camera angle back to starting position

- adjustement slider for speed in which the camera moves.