Doomed City


The game is crashing while trying to load or doing the Doomed City. Cannot even get to 1st marker when it does load.

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Doomed City
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15 hours ago

We are sorry for taking this long. The patch is in its certification process and once approved we will immediately push it out! 

1 day ago
Seriously, what are you guys doing about this patch? I think you need to tell us all a date and stick to it. It has been over a month This is without a doubt the most unstable, bug ridden game I have ever played. 
2 days ago
100% agree. This is BS. I cant believe this issue, for this one mission, have not been resolved for well over a month now. Think is safe to day i will not be purchasing anymore of this developers product or recommend any because thier games are incomplete at best..
32 days ago

I've encountered this as well.  Game crashes to home screen at random times during mission.  Not sure what is causing it. Can the mission be bypassed?

33 days ago

Naturally we test the game prior to every patch release. The crash in 'The Doomed City' mission did not occur on our end before pushing the patch to live. We are working on resolving the problem and along with a few other corrections we will release a patch soon. Our apologize for the inconvenience this matter caused!

33 days ago

Honestly looks like the devs are testing on other platforms yet using a non-consumer release to test on Xbox One. How did this even pass testing? Everyone I have spoken to said that this was a problem on Xbox One. If they were actually testing their releases, they would have seen the issue and corrected it. I appreciate the release of new content, but if it is buggy enough to prevent playing and delay a patch, one would think that they would test it before they updated it. It's hard to imagine that they tested it. An electrician would look to see if an outlet works before leaving. This quest seems to have been released without testing, or more exactly, released with dev-level testing only.