Dolby Atmos & DTSX not Working Properly In King Arthur: Knights Tale


Hello, I am having an issue with Dolby Atmos not working with this game title.

I noticed within the Xbox Store that this title was listed with Dolby Atmos & DTSX functionality (Microsoft Spatial Sound API title). You can see both features listed under the "Capabilities" section within the Store (Can't Link but photo below).

 However I cannot get this title to output in MSS API formats respectively. Despite my system functioning properly with other Atmos/MSS API titles, even with my Xbox set to output Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre, my system will indicate that it is decoding a Dolby Audio signal limited to a 7.1 output (7 surrounds, 1 LFE). 

Typically if a game is authored for Dolby Atmos/DTSX (via the MSS API), my system will natively decode a Dolby Atmos signal, and will use a 7.1.4 channel bed (7 surrounds, 1 LFE, 4 Height channels). However I cannot get my system to decode this signal, and I don't have any input/output from my height channels. Same issue when I use DTSX as well, I am limited to a 7.1 DTS Digital 

When I go to other game titles which support Atmos (such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, even other Warhammer titles like Darktide etc.), my system has no issues decoding the Atmos signals and I get a native 7.1.4 output with panning to my heights.

I am using an LG G2 65" OLED paired with a LGS95QR Sound System routed directly into the sound system (no eArc). I am confident that this is not an issue with my setup, but rather an issue with the game not properly implementing with the MSS API (ie a bug), or rather this feature was listed inaccurately to the store via the Licensing/Publishing team, and hoping this issue can get resolved one way or another.

I've attached screenshots of my setup showing the issues with this title regarding Atmos yet functioning fine with other titles like Warhammer 40K Darktide & Call of Duty.

Also linked is a Youtube Video showcasing the problem in more detail. 


Dolby Atmos & DTSX not Working Properly In King Arthur: Knights Tale
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