Do Puritan skills work at all?


I'm a bit puzzled regarding Puritan skills... do they work at all?

Hater, Warp Thorn, Holy Rage, Daemonic Lore, and even the 3 top tiers which we shouldn't be able to buy for now (Holy Shield, Holy Conclave and Monodominant Commandments) seem to have ZERO effect in game.

For example, I didn't notice any increase in damage output vs. daemons (Daemonic Lore), nor any reflection of warp damage (Warp Thorn), and so on. They seem to do absolutely NOTHING, which is a massive letdown after investing time and effort to unlock the skilltree with moral choices.

Please fix them, they would really, really add to the game...

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Do Puritan skills work at all?
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2 years 54 days ago
I filled out the entire tree, but they didn't seem to be working for me either.
2 years 55 days ago
The top 3 in both trees are intentionally not working, but you should not be able to select them yet, as you can't get enough points to unlock them, yet.

Regarding the other skills, yes, I also tried a few and none seemed to work.