DLC Class TechAdept is utterly boring and underpowered


To keep it short.

Leveling the tech adapt feels like that:
* Spawn constructs
* See contructs die on any mine/explosion
* Respawn constructs
* See the lowest possible DPS (1-3) one could inflict on an enemy
* See trashmobs go down slowly
* Wait... wait... wait...
* Go to the next group
* Repeat until  next champion'
* See champion go down even slower. Wait... react to construct losses, see your gunfire as ineffective as your constructs
* Next group
* repeat
* See an amored elite.
* Make yourself a cup of coffee. See 10% of the elite down. Respawn constructs. Drink coffee. Repeat
* See 40% of elite down. Start Netflix
* Binge Game of Thrones
* See Hodor die
* Elite almost! dead

So to sum it up. Techy feels totally useless. I would really love to play the cool story with nice voiceovers of the DLC with my psyker. Purging through enemies, instead of pouring coffee through enemies.

Biggest problems:
No usable debuffs, no construct dps, no armor mitigiation, no crits.

I dont know nothing about PvP (and I really dont care), but the best way for PvE is to rebuild the useless skill trees. Simply doubleing or tripleing the DPS of any skill/construct/weapon might also work, but that won't really make it change. Techy would be still boring.

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DLC Class TechAdept is utterly boring and underpowered
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3 years 40 days ago
you are right its for priest, so I changed it with survival perk :)
3 years 40 days ago
the 2% damage for each constructs applies only to your character, no? at least this is what I get from the description. Unless the perk says "damage bonus to constructs" the bonus applies only to you.
3 years 40 days ago
Yesterday tried with 5x4 vivisectors, passives only for them (offense, defense), no rubish passives lifting other bots. Also movenment for skill cooldown, health and armor to stay alive. Perks for 30% damage when teleported, 4 vivisectors and 2% damage for each construct.

Works well by keep summoning them on cooldown :) and throw some shit (ah shoot) to enemies from your rifle to apply any debuf you can.

+5 intels vs armored goes well due to physical vulnurability on vivisector explosion. But I feel such spek is Heresy :)

3 years 40 days ago
Get good at 100 reds are fine. Stronger than any other ranged exp. Grav gun.

3 years 42 days ago
Sooo, I got level 68 with "Every enemy is heavily armoured". Im going 2xKastelan, 12x Vivisector, works fine till now, but on this mission my constructs do zero damage. Like really, zero. Fighting with enemies, nor constructs nor enemies deal or receive any damage. WTF. 

This is bad balance.

3 years 49 days ago
many perk cards not work wit construct  tech shrines boost only tech adept and Kastelans is 100% weaker and stupid than vivisec total rofl  Unholy chapel with tech adept with construct spec is UNPLAYABLE  and cant complet it all mobs attack tech adept ignored construct and what is top GO Through my swarm and kastelans hahahaha enemy kill me per one hit 
3 years 49 days ago

I did the 20 vivis, that was the most fun build, because they "swarmed" a bit and took on enemies quite fast, jumping to them. usually with a bit of spread. But they really die like flies on any AoE Boss. And (I didn't do much after the last "balance" patch that made things really much worse) they had no chance to do good dps against any armored enemy.

Then I tried robos. Best combo were two Kastellans at once... Even slower kill speeds, but no insta-death and even quite tanky. But... at least 1  seems to be always stuck on anything... they often dont react to beeing attacked, also nothing against armor and they focus mobs and leave you as their master open to attacks... so you just outrun biiger groups and feel unsafe...

They really need to do something there... I'd say, greatly buff the DPS of the constructs... Fix the AIs stupidity and maybe do something like SHIFT-Skill to command an attack with the summoned construct.

As long as they do not change anything I would really like to refund the DLC. Sadly I am still too fond of the story... but playing through it is more frustrating then enjoying it.

3 years 50 days ago
what level are you?

3 years 50 days ago
Kastelans might be strong mid game but late game even they suck. With no scaling and no armor piercing they get bogged down and murdered.

This is with me running 3+ Kastelans, almost maxed out on the skill trees for construct ability, specialization, offense and defense, using arc rifle 2/plasma beta to stack vulnerability on enemies. 

Missions with lots of heavily armored enemies I just quit, no point even trying.

I'm not even max level yet but it's only going to get worse and worse.

3 years 50 days ago

I think constructs that are not kastelans need some buffing. Kastelans steal the show with great dps, durability and don't need to be re summoned.

Specifically I think that the Psiloi Combustors are in need of some serious buffing. currently when compared to Vivisectors they: cost more, do less damage, have less HP, get less of them, and do to them being ranged there is a good chance the sit and fire endlessly into a pipe not hitting there target. I think what they need to be more fun and interesting to pick is for 3 to be summoned as a base OR allow the perk to affect combustors also bringing the summon to 3. Then they will still need a moderate DPS buff. This way they can engage more enemies for crowd control or focus single targets. As is they are the lest dps minion by a mile and most fragile. Also side note perhaps and unlock-able ability to give some sort of area of effect ability would make them more interesting. Currently they have one boring ability... shoot... even vivsectors were given an area effect ability.

Tarantula Turret with bolters I think simply needs a moderate damage increase on a per shot basis also the missile upgrades needs a greater AOE. The tarantula can't move and has a rather low range as thing tend to in ARPGs and needs to be constantly redeployed and is rather fragile for a more defensive structure. I think it should do perhaps the most DPS of all the constructs considering its massive lack of movement and hight usage cost which affects other skills.

The passive Turret that buffs and heals is entirely worthless. I don't feel the cooldown buff variant to be interesting or even noticeable and I feel should see a redesign. I think it should be a damage boost multiplier or maybe a defensive shield generator perhaps though a damage multiplier I imagine would be a faster and easier effect aura swap. The single healing needs a major buff it's pretty barely noticeable with normal healing of re generators and passives. The single heal turret should quickly heal units I think to the point of making a single model rather indestructible considering the pain it is to constantly deploy and the cost of the construct. The Healing aura turrets simply needs a area of effect increase and a buff the its healing rate as of now it's literally unnoticeable (at least by me).

I hope the dev teams reads this and at least considers some of my thoughts. I very much like the game and class and think it has great potential but needs some balance and additional abilities to make the summons feel more versatile and more lively.

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3 years 50 days ago

One of the biggest issues players had with the class: armoured and heavy armour units don't take much dmg from constructs and armour piercing should be added to their skills. Balance patch: we will give the weapons DoTs, roots, knockbacks .... wtf ... Kastelan Robots are equiped with PowerFists ( -3 Armour pen within the tabletop) or Phosphor Blasters (-2 AP in the tabletop). I mean just take the tabletop stat sheets and guide development around that.

The second issue players reported was the intel mission modifier that blocked dmg less than 200. No word on if that was removed or addressed.

Pet Classes in every ARPG scale the damage of the pets based on the player and the Tech Adept should not be any different. Pets should be affected by the players offensive and defensive skills. I admit that I have not tested the pets with relic weapons at high levels but a class should be not playable at max level with max gear only and should offer the player a great experience throughout the game. My psyker was amazing all game long, my ranged crusader was enjoyable as well. The Tech Adept has its pluses but it also has very bad experiences

3 years 50 days ago
Kastelans are just bad now, they needed a nerf like getting armor pierce and/or physical vulnerability on their melee attacks but now they just lost a ton of HP, dont really benefit from Galvanic Booster in regards of their actual HP and get demolished by trash mobs.
3 years 50 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, everyone! The thread is being closely watched by our designers, they are considering all the suggestions and opinions!
3 years 50 days ago
This balance??, total broken all my idea .self destruct after resummoned vivisec  i use  on cooldown all time. its only dmg what can create this unit with normal meele and 3x moduls items +5-7phys dmg and meele and +70% dmg from skills is total useless and bored.

other construct same 2x ranged crab useless not fun:(. and tanks hahahahhaahhaahaha very bad dps slow react time super slow move very bad stats with epic and better modules total crazy :(turret no coment i spawn it maybe 2x static shooting to wall bad dmg.after this balanced is techno adept more bored than before. I need summon construct what defend me have good dps and only resummon new when die or heal this construct.but no every 5sec all time in missions.before patch i use 2x ranged kastelan 3x vivisec group with 4 i use resummon and generated good dps and aoe to enemy not to walls as Kastelans o rothers construct.

missions what i complet easy is now extreme and extreme +3 what i complet before update is now insane cant complet it gratz super work:( i no need one build what need neocore i need create build myslef and fun this NERF is really bad. and perk  when use all different construct is super i.......... before update is Kastelan tanks vivsec OR turret  +20%dmg now is it same but vivisec AND turret and 25% dmg . in fight this construct die faster than i can summoned new .with all def skills all spec skills and epic modules 3x no one time i have all diferet construct its not possible and this different party is ULTRA USELESS  and fun is only summon die summon die  summon die hahahah crazy. 20 or 25 with this crazy base dmg with total stuppid AI where kastelans use aoe 20m away from battle .when i see what dps create my crusader with weaks equip i must laugh. Techno adept bonuses crit chance + dmg etc not affectet to construct super:( tech adept is now unplayable  for ppls who needs fun and hard game .

3 years 50 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 3 years 52 days ago
Construct balances will arrive with the next patch this week while more will come later!

Gratz Neocore.... what didn't you get about the word "FUN" ?

So, you thought it`s a good idea to remove the self-destruct on resummon of vivisectors, an answer to the statement "TechAdept is utterly boring and underpowered".

What are your thoughts behind that bs? We want players to watch constructs, get bored, refund or quit the game. Yeah that`s a good idea, will help us a lot. Brilliant!

Instead of fixing and improving this class and bringing others constructs and skills on pair with a good synergising build, "balance" means to you the removal of the only entertaining thing because it`s not on pair with the rest of that boring class. Great work!

Ask yourself, do you really enjoy playing this class?

3 years 51 days ago

Op just summarized my experience in Tech Adept so far. I always love to play as summoner in all games , was counting the minutes till prophecy release just to be shocked that my psyker can clear maps way faster than my TA. Constructs are as squishy as papers and their damage is really minimal. Also " please dont get them 1 shot from mines ( that they always run into ) ". And don't mention the blowing up constructs build as it is heresy and mainly not a summoner build ( as summoners should maintain the life of their minions and buff them instead of just blowing them up).

This comment was edited 3 years 51 days ago by DemonicSpirit
3 years 51 days ago
The "exploding corpses" (vivisectors + detonate on death) should honestly not even be a build for the Tech Adept. Destroying your constructs is almost tech heresy, you even get lines saying that ingame when constructs are destroyed. I like the idea of a pet class but the constructs really need adjustments to the type of damage for armoured enemies, maybe crits. The idea of the pets should be to maintain them not to throw them away. Unfortunately this seems to be the best available option.

Also the ai needs to be improved when it comes to use of primary vs secondary items. If you add a plasma cannon and a flamer to the Kataphron Destroyers they never get to use the plasma because they try and get in close to use the flamer

3 years 52 days ago
Thats great to hear. Btw thanks Marcopolocs for being so active on the forums and engaging with the players.
3 years 52 days ago
Construct balances will arrive with the next patch this week while more will come later!
3 years 53 days ago
Posted by FieserMoep 3 years 53 days ago
There is a big difference between dooable and waiting for your Kastelans to punch through an "All heavy" mission while classes like psyker fly through an make entire screens of enemies explode with a single klick.

Lvl 60 so far... melting through impossible. Clearing a room while running to the next one.

Skilling a Tech adept is totally different to the other classes, so in my opinion really a good job on him. More diversity could be nice because I understand certain builds are totally underwhelming.

I use a 20 vivisector group, max cool down reduction and Self-Destruction. My base CD is 4 secs for every group. This means I can detonate every single one every 4 seconds, at least. With Blessed Ruination I can even lower this CD when taking damage.

Throw in some heal on Class-Skill usage and every single group will heal me for around 1000 hp.

So in short.... taking more damage = lower CD = more Damage and Healing

Have a look at the Mindlink Attributes on III. you get back 5 Data-Flux on Minion Dead. Teleporting in a minion group of 4 will cost me effectively 4 Data Flux and I have got 6 regeneration every second while using Self-Flagellation.

It`s like summoning 20 homing missiles every 4 seconds. ^^

Really that`s a lot of fun, even these stupid purge missions are fun because my Vivisectors are doing the job for me.

Must check how good he will be later. I could imagine the lack of vulnerability will be a problem, but so far... fun, fun, fun.

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3 years 53 days ago
Strange. I"m at level 50 and my constructs melt enemies on +4 level missions. 

Using 2x Kastelan Robot, 3x vivisector group, fully developed Construct Defense and Offense tree plus all upgrades for Kastelan Robots and Vivisectors. 

I use perk that summons 4 vivisectors instead of 3, -20% reserve and +15% damage to Kastelans. 

As I have 14 constructs, the Offense tree main perk gives them 14*5=+70% damage. 

3 years 53 days ago
It's less about doability than to class comparism and fun.

For me using Castelan Robots just changes boredom to frustration. They keep getting stuck on any obstacle and have a reaction time of a dead turtle.

Sometimes they take 50 percent damage before even considering attacking the enemy that is killing them.

3 years 53 days ago
There is a big difference between dooable and waiting for your Kastelans to punch through an "All heavy" mission while classes like psyker fly through an make entire screens of enemies explode with a single klick.
3 years 53 days ago
tech priest is a bit lackluster at the beginning but as soon as you can use Kastelan bots (lvl19), techpriest is really cool.

i have no optimized gear yet, but +10 void missions are doable.