Disorient (shock) skill not working with knockdown's?


The Disorient (Debuffs) skill, does not apply the shock effect on any knockdown i tested, either from suppression shield or hammer. It also does not work at all with the "Kinetic Transfer" skill. 

Enemy's tested had no suppression bar and visibly got knockdowned, yet there was no blue icon or bluish "swirls". It seem to only work with the hammer stun atm.

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Disorient (shock) skill not working with knockdown's?
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1 year 350 days ago
Cardial Overdrive , you'll find it at the Movement skill tree. That is your answer 
1 year 351 days ago
Skills working and some Skills apparently not working, and seems to not work, but apparently working as they should when it seems to not be working, but indeed they actually do work. Been many a time wondering myself if this and this Skill is working, and when checking it out, it actually does work as it should, and then another Skill seems to work and it shows it didn´t worked at all while you were thinking it of working. Lol.

Well, yes. This is actually a fact. I know. But given some time I think the Developers will look into this whole thing, and come out with a patch that will fix it all.

Because when one Skill is apparently not working as it should, another one is suddenly popping up. Ohh, and yes, another one on top of that is popping up. Oohhhh, yeah, and there...... . Well, you get the hang of it. Because if ONE Skill is not working, there is ALWAYS another one not working, and for them to actually make a fix that works, each and every Skill needs to be looked into. And this certainly does take some time.

1 year 351 days ago
yaaay, another skill point wasted! WONDERFUL GAME!