Dismemberment and Decapitation animation


Greetings to Neocore team,

With the game art style and theme. It really feels that is missing limbs flying after you land a hit with that huge axe of Sir Balan for example. Or a burning corpse with fire arrows, or your enemy vomiting blood after being killed with poison or gibbed by Ser Ector spells.

Any plans to implement fun deaths? 

Best regards to the team and a nice week.

Dismemberment and Decapitation animation
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1 year 32 days ago

Nothing of the sort can be expected in the short run. We are working on fresh content as well as bug fixes these days.

Nevertheless, I wrote this request up for the management to see. They will decide whether it will be realized in the development phase or not.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

1 year 33 days ago
Hello Neocore Team ! Upvoting this request.

That would also be top in my wishlist about this game. It would be pretty appropriate to have some dismembrement, especially for a 'dark' themed game like this one.

I was also thinking; some 'finish moves' could be pretty awesome. I guess that's probably the least of your concerns, but... That would really add a little something.

But nonetheless, dismemberment would be a cool feature to add/get.

Thanks for this awesome game.