After the passage of the mission, there is no experience and loot. You need to re-log and re-pass the mission 2-3 times. In the end of the mission in the chat is written: "player" left the game.

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7 years 74 days ago

I am having the same issue. No XP gain or loot from missions.

Also, I cannot access my character/inventory etc during a mission, and cannot interact with some loot items that are dropped. I've only played a few missions so far though so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if these are bugs.
7 years 74 days ago
I think it's a backend issue, we'll check in on it first thing tomorrow.
7 years 73 days ago

I also encountered such a problem. I'm waiting for the mission, I press "accept", getting on the ship does not get loot and XP. The Internet is fine. Game reinstalled, did not help