Disappearing textures / Parts of map [PC] Ver 2.2.1


Using a XBOX controller for windows.

I've started getting sections (and textures) of the map disappearing while playing, I've noticed large sections vanish while you get closer, then reappear at random.  In some cases the section will stay visible then you rotate the camera then vanish when you stop rotating the camera.  There are too many to list - but they appear to be 'set pieces' such as the top part of the yellow fans, large doorway fans, large floor grills, raised floor pits with ramps and so on.  When these vanish they show the floor way beneath that's used as scenery, so going invisible might be a more accurate description.

I've tried verifying files and checking my drivers, unfortunately the problem persists.

System Spec.

Windows 10. 64Bit

32 Gig Ram

Nvidia GTX 1080ti Driver - 441.87 WHQL

i7 6700k CPU

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Disappearing textures / Parts of map [PC] Ver 2.2.1
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2 years 297 days ago

Hi @CHAS88‍,

the issue has been under investigation on our end for some time. We made progress on it though it still requires some time to entirely handle the problem. Then we will patch the game. Anyhow thanks for reporting it.