Disappearing items/XP progression between missions


Hi, I've just purchased the game and started a fresh character. I've picked up a couple of items during the first two missions and equipped them during the missions themselves. I also reached level 2 during the second mission.

However, on the character screen before I am to launch the third mission I do not have any of those items anymore and I am still somehow level 1. The only thing showing up in my inventory besides the default starting gear is a single meme virus which I got from linking my accounts.

My steam profile name is the same as my account name here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


edit: deleted character. started a new character, bug did not reoccur. it just cost me the meme virus, but that's okay.

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Disappearing items/XP progression between missions
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173 days ago
Awesome, thank you very much!
173 days ago
Please get back to us in case you experience any similar issue again.

Check your Assassin's inventory, a Meme virus lies there:)