Disappearing Items - Again


So after not having this problem for ages and thinking it was sorted I logged back in after the update to find my Artificer Signum, that I got just before the shutdown from a Tarot Mission, was missing.

Can you guys please look in to this as its by far the most annoying bug I've encountered in this game since I started playing and this is the 3rd time I've lost a good item to it now.

Account name - Heretic Chris

Character name - Christus

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Disappearing Items - Again
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6 years 316 days ago

I also agree about disappearing items but I have a different example. I killed a plague marine and saw a purple sigmum drop but after  the mission it was not in my inventory. My question is, do I physically have to run over an item for it to go into my inventory or do I automatically receive it by killing a toon?

6 years 316 days ago

You should automatically pick the items up.