Devs, please give out Mind Wipes with patches


Given the sheer amount of skills and abilities that aren't working I really don't think it's too much to ask for you to give out free Mind Wipes with each patch that includes a significant number of skill updates like the last one did.  You're already in the hole for releasing the game in the state you did, at least do the right thing in this regard and don't make players further pay for your mistakes.

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Devs, please give out Mind Wipes with patches
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3 years 108 days ago

I agree with both of you guyz, but in this case they can lock some of mind resets to trader for 24 hours for example, and than those who need it will but, others will just ignore :)

3 years 108 days ago
That's a very valid request, and you see it done in PoE every time they change something.

In this game though, I dare say the following things are true:
- the devs did not even think of this, nor did they think of similar things back in alpha/beta that would have helped testing,
and we the players are now still paying for this and other mistakes
- I honestly doubt they have the technical capability of giving out tree reset options like in PoE
(for those that do not know: IF there was something changed that you used, you get 1 free reset-everything, ONLY usable BEFORE you do any changes to the skill tree, or in this case, any of the trees)
- they do not want to give out mind reset items, they would have to issue them per char and people could stockpile and sell them and many, many players would be ranting because they feel they did not get as many resets as someone else
- they could probably reset all skills of everyone with a patch, but do not want to do that as there would also be a lot of people complaining

Too late, impractical, not gonna happen.

If they had thought of this earlier... now I doubt they can spend the dev-time needed to implement a skill reset system like in PoE.