Development of a Steam Controller Profile


I have started developing a steam controller profile which I will be sharing on the steam community when I have a decent version put together. 

I am also working on a steam guide that documents some core features of using a controller to play over keyboard and mouse. I will be working on this guide as I develop the profile, and also to provide some thoughts and feedback to the developers as the Alpha progresses and XInput support is added.

The guide can be found here:

Store Page
Development of a Steam Controller Profile
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6 years 317 days ago

I have some questions for the future of controller implementation.

Question 1: 

At the moment the character faces the mouse when standing still, and faces the direction of movement when moving. This results in a clunky/jerky kind of movement when using the Arrow Keys to move, you will be facing one way and then turn and run then stop and turn. Will it be possible in future to move in one direction while still facing another? Can Inquisitors strafe and backpeddle?

Question 2: 

Will we be able to fire while moving, even in a limited capacity? From a "Lore" point of view, I don't see why someone wearing power armour should have to stand still to shoot. The idea that they can plod along holding down the trigger makes sense to me. Now this would make certain skills in the game redundant, the fire while retreating skill on certain autoguns and sniper rifles. However, as seen in the videos I can already achieve this to some extent using Arrow Keys.

One problem I see with this is that those using keyboard or controller to move have an advantage over those using the mouse to move. Are you concerned about certain control schemes having an advantage is a game that does not have direct PVP? There are many games (e.g. Elite Dangerous) that operate using different controller interfaces, allowing keyboard + mouse, game pads and HOTAS setups, and each player will find the controller that suits them most, but there are always obvious benefits to using one or the other. 

Question 3:

When controller support is added to the game, will you have to chose between one scheme or the other on the options menu, or login screen? I ask this because the Steam Controller can deliver keyboard, mouse or XInput instructions to the game and if the game has decided to become deaf to one input or another because of a menu button, it severely restricts the customisation one can achieve with the Steam Controller. Allowing both XInput and kb&m inputs simultaneously will allow users with advanced controllers to create a control scheme that most suits themselves. 

As some examples, Helldivers assigned kb&m or controller when you "press any key" on the main menu. This was important for local co-op as one user will use the kb&m while others use controllers. Victor Vran had an option in the controls menu to pick kb&m or controller as your control scheme, and once selected you could not use the other device without first changing the setting. In this example, I was regularly annoyed as the controller was more comfortable while out adventuring, but the mouse was more efficient while sorting your inventory, enchanting gear or interacting with vendors.

Allowing all inputs all the time lets players with regular XBOX controllers place it down and use the mouse when they are on the bridge of the ship to do crafting, selling or mission selection, and then pick up the controller again while in mission. Also this means the Steam Controller can handle all these situations equally well.

I will have more questions to come, but I don't want to overload you at this time!

Thanks for reading.

6 years 317 days ago

Not going to lie, I clicked on this to pretty much say, this is a horrible idea, but after reading your post, I think it could be doable, even if at a disadvantage from a keyboard and mouse standpoint.

6 years 318 days ago
Wow, impressive work.
6 years 317 days ago

Faluzure, your thoughts and questions about how to controll a game like this with controller are very similar how we are thinking to implement the controller support. Thanks for the questions and keep on with this professional attitude and good developing! Soon there will be answers and a lot of to discuss about the controller movements! ;)

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