Desperate Crusade PS4 DLC - Download Glich


Desperate Crusade - Inquisitor Martyr DLC - PSN: Whiteknucklejoe

I purchased the game through the in game console and completed the purchase. It shows me the button to download the DLC but when I click the button, it starts to go to the next screen and then quickly crashes. I contacted PlayStation Support and it was determined that I needed to contact you to get this fixed. They said there is likely a glitch. I wanted to contact you first before I just had them process my refund because I'd much rather play it. Please help?

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Desperate Crusade PS4 DLC - Download Glich
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329 days ago

I have a similar problem, but the difference is, i cannot purchase the dlc. When i select it ingame, and i want to buy it, the store told me that: "This content cannot be selected at this time".

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