Death Cult Assassin - Predictions


Hello again guys it's me once more. Being unable to play I've had some extra time to put together a blurb on my "predictions" of the weapon sets the assassin class will have access to. Probably missed a couple options out but might be handy for anyone who wants a "brush up" on the 40K assassin.

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Death Cult Assassin - Predictions
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7 years 53 days ago
Good video had some interesting theories. Looking forward to seeing how well your crystal ball works for when the assasin comes out. Also liked one of the previous videos on the roadmap breakdown, was better than most ive seen or read about. Keep it up /subscribed
7 years 54 days ago
if you haven't made the weapons / skins already saves you a bit of work I guess xD - I want some credit if the class has those specials tho. Will accept may name in the credits xD jkjk
7 years 54 days ago
Nice! Thank you for this video!