Day 1 Impressions


First off, the specs for my rig for reference.

 AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series Graphics Card

 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz

 32 GB  RAM

OS : Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit

I starting playing early this morning, My initial experience was plagued with crashes. The first when I tried to create an account, the second when I tried switching weapons in my first mission. Etc. etc. The Patch fixed my crash issues. I haven't had an issue since the patch came out. Post patch I have been able to run the game with no issues at 38-45 FPS with no lag. 

Impressions on game play. This has a very old school Diablo feel too it. If you have the ability to map keys to a gaming mouse, this is going to enhance your experience. The Abilities felt very clunky and at times irritatingly unresponsive, sometimes having to hit the 1 or 2 key multiple times to have the game register it. 

I found the damage reduction on my character to be a little bit overpowered. I have it at 41%, and am able to walk up to a Nurgle Dreadnaught and hold my chainsword attack on it until he dies. Not exaggerating at all here. Besides those two complaints, the game is looking like it has a lot of potential. 

Another feature that I would like to see improved i the chat window,. It seems to get "Stuck" and not display new messages. My messages also seem to take 5-10 minutes to actually post. 

The Tilesets I have seen are absolutely gorgeous.  There are tons of little details that show the care and attention that was taken to remain faithful to the 40K brand.  I am looking forward to the future of the game. I will post another day 2 impression tommorow after given a solid few hours of non-stop playing. 

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Day 1 Impressions
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7 years 8 days ago
When able to play some (when u game freezes its impossible(last fix solved it for me) and ur items gissapearing) the most annoying thing is very slow character responding and ability animation, u just not able to react at a time when smth happens.
7 years 8 days ago

well... khm.. khm...

on my notebook only ultra low quality.... but the first playable build take, reasons for me, think what this alpha is best project where i have chance participate...

ps:sorry for my bad English

7 years 8 days ago
Finally got to play for about 30mins without any issues. Killed some Nurgle Dreads and felt good. 

Keep up the great work. This is going to be excellent.