Damage Reflect Hazard


There are a couple of issues related to the damage reflect hazard, some are in another post but the Psalm-Code one I could not find it being reported anywhere else.

The Psalm-Code Doctrine "Reduces Damage Reflect from enemies by +80%" is not working. Damage seems to be the same with or without it.

Also, damage reflect does not seem to be working correctly, in general. The numbers are significantly higher than what they should be. It also bypasses shields.

This would probably be ok if the Psalm-Code was working, but the combination of these two issues essentially make damage reflect awful. Please either consider removing damage reflect from the hazard pool entirely (this would be preferred, it's just conceptually bad), or fixing one or both of the above issues so that it is playable. Thanks!

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Damage Reflect Hazard
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39 days ago
Both issues got forwarded to our designers and testers to check. Thank you for your feedback!
45 days ago
Yes reflect is stupid and is the reason why i dont run intel missions at all (better to sell 20 mission= 4mil credits). Then you tried to be smart evade say physical reflect by using energy weapon except effects like one hit kill makes explosion around are hard coded to do physical damage even when using energy weapon. Same thing whith shocked explosions hardcoded to energy damage with physical weapon. Just not worth it. (only character that can run reflect is psyker because premonition blocks all damage).