Damage per enraged token increase


I have two item: Relic Neural implant and Eye implant which give me +6% damage and +5.8 % damage per Eranged token accordingly and i suppose i should get 6+5.6+3 (standard)=17.6% bonus per enrage token When I stack 10 Enrage token i didn't get 176% bonus damage just got +30% dmg increase. Is this work incorrectly or i didn't understand the mechanics?

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Damage per enraged token increase
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135 days ago
I don't think the tooltip is updated. Or character screen. You need to look at damage numbers I think. But it's almost impossible to figure stuff out due to all the different other bonuses...

I also have 2x enrage damage bonus (main & eye implant) and extra crit per enrage (belt). And +1 enrage per crit. Crit chance is updated. It also stacks if you have a 2nd item (managed to get passive crit ~90%). But crit chance is normally capped and that's what it shows usually for me even with 1 +crit item (caps at 54% for me). So if rather run 2x damage hoping it stacks. 

I really wish the overview screen would show all available buffs, especially during missions... Right now so much isn't showing, it's really hard to figure out what's good... And you just hope it is. 

136 days ago

Well I showed how it can be added to original value. So I don't know, but it can be addition to 3%, meaning 11,6% from 3% :)

136 days ago
"+6% damage bonus per Enraged token". I assume it  addition not multiplication.
137 days ago
well if it is 6+5.6 from 3% per enrage token, you should have 3*1.116*10 in total, which will be 33,48%