Daily Objectives


For attention of the Dev's when this coming week's review of threads is made.

Some time ago a few of us indicated in bug reports that we no longer receive those daily objectives, such as 'kill # chaos marines', etc.

Could a Dev please confirm as to whether this will be addressed in forthcoming patch?

Thank you.

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Daily Objectives
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3 years 364 days ago
Thank you for your report! We will fix this as soon as possible. Hopefully with the next patch.
4 years 10 hours ago


Devs can we have an answer please?
4 years 8 hours ago

I've been stuck on "Exterminate 41-50 Chaos Space Marines" for over 2 weeks now. By the same token, I haven't received a daily objective in just as long. Bump for answers.

3 years 364 days ago

Would be good to get a response.

Devs can we have an answer please?