Daily Bug Diary


Hi some points of interest,

1st Day

- cant write in chat if the forge window is opened. 

That would be very useful if you want to compare attributes in chat or complex names you can not remember

- we have full 20 members in the cabal but i see just the first page?

I maybe found the source of the "knockback but i dont die" bug (edit: saw that the problem is already found)

 i use a crusader with power axe and a shield and

i use the perk "Eternal Warrior", i believe thats the problem

in the picture u see that my healthpoints never go down to zero(perk,health jumps between 1 and 10 hp), but no enemy is near so i can not knockback enemys

but the 2 Plaque Marines knock me instant down, so i cant move

the Granade Launcher is a really OP gun please change that, i die so often in close combat.

I prefer the close combat, miss power fist, chain fist, unfortunately, the chainswords are much too weak

2nd Day

1. name bug!!! shows the real filename ;)  

2.1. my char have a health reg 127/sec

2.2. but ingame i have just the half regeneration?

or just full regeneration in cover?

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Daily Bug Diary
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6 years 203 days ago

Just a small problem i found.

yesterday i added 2 new friends, if i come back to the commando bridge, i see a little exclamation mark that says that i have a new friend or new request, but if click on the icon i just see 1 new friend in the list but he was already on my list, screenshot follow later

6 years 204 days ago
Thanks for the feedback man, really useful! We are working on the fixes.