Cut scene movie keeps reoccuring, and Charybodis priority assignment bugs


According to the player, though he has finished all main story missions, a cut scene movie that normally occurs at the end of Chapter 4, keeps reoccuring every time he finishes a mission and leaves the map.

And this bug seems to be preventing him to finish the Charybodis priority assignment mission (DLC).

He has re-installed the game several times but this won't help.

Here's his ID: HXDmeepo

(PC, Steam) 

The character that runs into this issue is a lv-64 (by now) crusader,seasonal character.

Please look into his account and help him out!

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1 year 288 days ago
We have a hard time with this bug but haven't forgotten it, we will definitely remove it! Sorry for taking this long.
1 year 295 days ago

The problem hasn't been solved yet.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

1 year 301 days ago

A very interesting but indeed frustrating issue. We will check on his account in the coming days please let him know this.

Thanks @DISTEMPER‍ !