Customizable abilities.


So far i find the game quite fun but i'm looking forward into the future and realise that my character is pretty much always going to stay the same and the gameplay will not change from here on out, it looks like from about rank 10 to end game you pretty much stay exactly the same? albiet you get some increases from the passive skill tree.... What i think real progression looks like, at rank 10, i have a flame thrower with the skills they have now, by rank 50 that flamethrower should be spitting blue flames in 2 different directions englufing and making things explode on death etc etc etc, or better yet give the option to load it with lightning and now u have a lightning thrower, seriously need some type of customisation for weapon skills, both the way the ability WORKS and the way it looks, not just getting more damage here and there etc... let us customize our abilities =(, maybe a cool way to do this is to use "ammo" and have incendiary ammo, electric ammo, poison ammo etc etc and you can do the same for melee but make them power batteries or something.... idk, so far i just really feel like my character isn't going to progress apart from getting passive stat increases just to scale with content appropiately.. I even feel like just ammo won't be enough but it could be a start...

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Customizable abilities.
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