Crusades keep crashing


Whenever I finish a special mission in a crusade th game crashes. Its only occures with my assassin. The other chars seems fine. If anybody has a solution pls let me know.

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Crusades keep crashing
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245 days ago

same here.

mission type : Infested Station

Bonus Mission with Tyranids on the Ebony Shard

can't Finish because of Inevitable Crash, same as Ones on the Ecru Shard.

247 days ago
I tried ebony and viridian crusades as well. Same outcome. Seems to me the game crashes when I would unlock a key or info fragment.
247 days ago

I assume you refer to the Ecru Crusade missions where the crash problem lies. We are working on this already, thanks for reporting it!

248 days ago
Happening to me on my Crusader also.