Crusader only Heroic Deeds not registering


I have a Heavy Gunner Crusader but, as the title says, none of the Crusader only deeds are going up.

Also, you might need to check the Magos Biologis Deed, Collect 15 inoculator components as I got that without getting a single one

and the Relic Hunter Deed is still counting every mission as a success.

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Crusader only Heroic Deeds not registering
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6 years 287 days ago
Thank you for the report! We will check it!
6 years 290 days ago

So update....

I reached level 8 Character Level and swapped to a Power Axe from a chainsword and now all the deeds are updating ok.

Not sure if its the level or the weapon but might want to have a look at it.