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Hi All,

Been visiting the forums for a while now, but no one ever seems to talk about the builds of their characters, only the game itself.  While this is surely useful for the Dev's, I feel some discussions around builds as they stand currently will help out when it comes to balancing.

For myself I have been running a crusader and my current build feels overpowered.

Assault armour, dual plasma pistols and the skills I have picked mean I am almost invincible.  Almost feels like I'm cheating most of the time.

Skills are put into most of Single target, most of heat damage and a little into defence and hit points.

Heat gives the overheat bonuses, allowing the plasma pistols to be used with single shot forever.  You can even pop in a couple of piercing shots without affecting the heat gauge much. Also a bunch of +dmg.

Single target gives +dmg but the primary skill for this tree is "one shot a critter and get 10% health back"

4 pts in Defence gets the first two pips on the left and right trees for some dmg reduction.

4 pts in Hitpoints gets some more hps and the innoculator reset once you hit 30% life.

Perks are Grinder and the double regen one.  Regen sits about 100/sec.

Now this build walks directly into a room and proceeds to one shot everything that isn't a medium or bigger creature.  All those guys wanting to melee you and shoot you are basically a one click 10% heal.  I've been in the situation many times now where I have no suppression left and my hp bar sits on full as I go from room to room executing everyone.  Walk up to a guy behind cover and Blam! Die heretic scum ! (with a 10% heal)

This is also a fun build when using a plasma cannon. 

What build are you all using ?

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6 years 309 days ago

Fair point. Most things die in either 1 or 2 hits. So anything that doesn't guarantee 1 hits is "in theory" wasted. 

Call me old fashioned though but i'd rather play the game with less life, more risk and slightly higher damage outputs - from a purely personal view point if the challenge is removed then so is any enjoyment and right now you can very easily remove any challenge from the game with certain builds.  

Side note - Hopefully the survival tree get a little swing from the nerfbat next month as they do outshine the other trees in terms of technical efficiency. Something that will likely cause a fair bit of outcry.

6 years 309 days ago

Hmm, in regards of weapon skills I actually completely ignore those for early build and pretty much go for full-on survival builds.  

The breakpoints of needing less shots to kill are, depending on weapon, quite hard to achieve and if you need two hit to kill anyway that 1.5 more damage is doing nothing for you.

After stacking survival i mostly go for crits for the same reason. Getting damage high enough to significantly lower TTK due to HTK a crit here and there ultimatly yields a faster clear speed.

6 years 309 days ago

Skill trees I tend to hover around are mostly Suppression - Debuff - Health and a damage one. Some form of cocktail of those. Single target perhaps. Tbh though the list of possible and even viable options for building characters is truly impressive. You can not only take any weapon and make a build for it, but even take a single ability from a weapon and make a build. Just looking forward to having more skill points to spend!

6 years 310 days ago

I literally have a build that makes me invulnerable.

Expect balance changes to happen.

6 years 310 days ago

It's Alpha. I don't like sticking to a build as they change sooo often. I just try a bit of everything and find the powers/gear i enjoy or give feedback on.