cross platform is needed


ive searched if this is cross platform. everytime someone has asked here or on steam a mod has told them either its being considered or something of that sort. is cross platform a planned thing yet? the game is dead. i play on a pc and i guarantee i could get a buddy to buy 2 copies one for him and one for wife if we were able to play together. from what ive read ps4 version is just as dead. it would definitley help to boost sales and get some free pr from the gaming news feeds.

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cross platform is needed
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2 years 158 days ago

PS4 version is not dead ! sometimes happens things like on screenshot (perhaps this was facilitated by discounts in the US PSN).

Unfortunately, PC and PS4 version is too different. on ps4 patches coming is later. We received Prophecy few weeks ago only and dont have weeks bonuses yet for example.

try check weekly glory table and try inviting someone from the list to play together. also check neocore discord, i see active players there.

p.s. or come to dark side :)