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Crit chance in skill tree doesnt add up. At least it is not shown correctly in Character Sheet. I have Points for Crit spent in ranged and Crit Tree. Doesnt seem to work... Maybe im wrong... 

About Performance and Graphics

Well Graphics are fine. Whats really f.... Annoying is Framedrops all the time. Sometimes for no reason without enemies or explosions around. This needs tp be fixed Asap! And when enemies are around, ohh boy... 

Lighting in Shops Menue

Well i love to have some good lighting in Games. I hate it when everything is illuminated and u have a Flashlight on ur Character like here. I darken the Game with Brightness and Gamma and Saturation, which choices are. Bloody excellent on a Console Game. Very rarely seen. Thumb up from me. Thats neat! 

However as nice as it is to actually use ur Flashlight for "illuminating Places", for which it is used for. And i want that Flash to be of use. When it comes to the Menue the shops etc. Its too dark. I dont use custom paint etc on my character atm, cause im not fully leveled yet. But in the Future it would be nice though. 

Right i had to swotch brightness to play and to customize the Armour etc, so i actually see that piece. 

Hp Bars

Why even bother with that to turn on off option... 

There is always one bar and on top of the screen which Blocks my vision on the target...

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Crit/ Guardsmen/ Performance/Camera/HpBars
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1 year 37 days ago
Hi again,

Need to clarify i play pn Ps4. So no Ibtegrity check...

1 year 39 days ago

The lightning under the Appearance tab looks sufficient at first glance and the colors and patterns can be clearly seen upon modifications. I would suggest you to change your graphic settings and verify game integrity which can prove to be useful sometimes!

1 year 40 days ago

Like i said, could be wrong... Sry

It works, SRY AGAIN! 

About lighting

Well to have not everything illuminated in missions, so Flashlight is of use, and the Game gets a certain Dark mood, you need to fiddle with Gamma, Brightness etc. Also the Games looks way better, since there is dynamic lights and such. I really like to illuminate darker spaces with my Flashlight, i guess its how it supposed to be, right?! GRIM DARK FUTURE

Since Brightness etc is overall settings its very dark when u go to appearance tab. I can hardly see my character in there. My Brightness settings look neat Ingame, in Levels and such, but are annoying in Customizstion Menue..  Hope thats explaibed better

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1 year 40 days ago
As we checked the Critical Skill Tree's passive skills are being correctly added up - as you switch to the Character window you can see the Critical hit Chance and Strength to be considerably higher if the Tree is fully locked.

I'm not sure how you meant the lightning. What do you think what should be changed exactly?
Turning off the HP bars most likely won't be an option - at least not in the short run - but I will bring this up to our designers!