crimson path [AoE]


why at carthean sword got crimson path [AoE] ... its a path .. but never get aoe + dmg for the sword .. why than the tag ? dmg doesnt change at all aoe at that only by path range ... aoe range too doenst work too lvl 100 tryed 2 weeks  player FreeMinde...

and how abot when u dont exicute .. dont let the assa 1 2 sec get stunnt only because u kill a boss

;D hope get helped 

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crimson path [AoE]
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1 year 335 days ago
Thanks for reporting the matter, we will check on this skill!
1 year 336 days ago

at exiqute at ( turen it off in animatin) .. u got a channaled skill u get into exiqute or 1-3 sec stunn where u get dmg coused of annimation