Crimes and punishments


I play the game for a long time(Mission completed: 3817) ( PS 4 ). In general, the game is super( only the old Warzone is missing, really need). Occupy leading places in almost all tables. As a result of which points are awarded to me in the main table of the season( Archenemies of the Blood God ). And the higher I began to rise - the more began to receive messages from many players. The problem is that many messages are negative. The most negative from the top players in this table. Table leader - Devilmao - began to release negative on many players, as well as trying to find out who I am. Recently he sent me a message with threats and various humiliations and insults to game developers( little pigs, retarded programmers, big bad wolf killed everyone ) 

1) what to do in such situations ?

2) Do you have temporary account locks for harmful players ? for example  - week or month

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Crimes and punishments
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269 days ago

@KY3R‍ could you please send us a private message and tell us more about the issue and whether you still receive any similar message from this particular player or anyone else? Looking forward to your email.

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283 days ago

ahaha.. heretics.. block them by means of psn. and take me with you on difficult missions. I also want to receive negative messages :)

also join my cabal

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283 days ago

I will not block, let him send. I will make a psychological picture. He definitely lacks a temporary lock. let it calm down, let others play normally

283 days ago
Block and ignore?