Crashing when traveling to any planet


Cant even travel the final step to a planet or other. Like Desolation Sigma.

The travel freezes half way, continues after a few seconds and then the game crashes.

Just bought the game and cant even start a mission, feels a bit lame even for Alpha....

Any hints how to solve this?

Only coop works, any ideas?

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Crashing when traveling to any planet
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6 years 155 days ago
I have gotten the same issue out of the blue... now the game is completly broken for me... i can log in and pick a character and then when im on bridge i can do the stuff there... but when i will pick a mission it crashes with the popup the game has crashed this will be reported... all i do when i try to move to another solarsystem i crash when i try and pick a mission in the system it crashes if i try and cotinue my earlier progressed important missions*(cant recall the name for the type of mission it is.) so something has happened within the last 5-6  hours
6 years 155 days ago
same goes for me, whats the deal?