Crashing & FPS



I've been crashing a ridiculous amount of time every 10-15 minutes and it usually occurs when I'm switching weapons in a heavily populated areas(nurgle spawns and what not surrounding me). I don't have anything more to go off of as I don't get an error report to post. Maybe an error report system would be a good idea? If I'm supposed to have one or there's somewhere for me to look, please tell me so I can be more help in explaining the crashing


I'm getting huge issues with FPS once I go in game, with everything set on its highest I get 30 FPS at the menu and 25 when I spawn in the hub. At a max it'll pop up to 40-50 and immediately drop down. I figured that was just my PC specs, but I get the same results when I switch everything to its lowest. When I enter a mission I'm shown I can drop down to 8 FPS and back up to 30 but never higher than that no matter the settings.  Is it something in my PC Specs that is too low? 

PC Specs: 

i5-6500 3.2GHz 

RX-480 Red Devil

8gb DDR4 RAM

Other than that I really love the game so far and I know you have "performance issues" detailed in your patch notes, so I'm sure you're hard at work trying to fix issues similar to these. But I really think there should be a crash report system, is there one that I'm missing? 

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Crashing & FPS
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7 years 105 days ago

UPDATE: The crashing is narrowed down to switching weapons in combat. I do not crash otherwise. 

7 years 106 days ago
Similar issues here with the crashing when switching weapons - doesn't matter if I press "w" or click on the icon to trigger the swap, more often than not this will crash my game and force me to reboot.
7 years 106 days ago

I have been having similar crashing, well stalling out after about the same, and prolly about the same fps seems to cap at about 30, which is a bummer but hardly life ending haha, the crashing though is a real stickler, havn't been able to finish 1 mission yet cause of em

i7 3.3

12 gig ram

1080 gtx

windows 10

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