Crashes and won't save - PS4


I don't play a lot of video games, maybe only a couple a year. Inquisitor: Martyr was my early year treat to myself and I'm pretty much ready to give up.

Things started badly... I couldn't complete character creation, however when I quit the game and went back in I found I had 4 characters made, all the same.

Got through the first mission, Screen was telling me to push the touch-pad to finish. Nothing happened. Repeatedly pushed the touch pad button, nothing happened. Screen locked, then the game crashed.

Started the mission again and completed - touch-pad issue again. However, while googling what to do on my iPad, the cut scene kicked in and I got to a mission select screen. Chose the next mission, game crashed. Started again hoping first mission had at least saved - nope, back to the start, no progress saved.

Absolute clusterf**k.

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Crashes and won't save - PS4
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3 years 278 days ago


we made some changes on our backend yesterday, please check if the fixes resolved your progress problem. Further fixes are to be expected shortly! Our apologize for the inconvenience!