Crashes and Visual issues


Before the latest updates, everything was fine. Not a single crash. Now I have random freeze-to-desktop crashes. And there are several issues with yellow decals (displayed above infestation props) and several assets, small or big, that disappear when zooming in. 

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Crashes and Visual issues
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2 years 132 days ago

Update. I checked the files with Steam, and no more crashes this week, both on the two PC where I installed the game. I will try to remember to do that next time, thanks.

2 years 137 days ago
OK thanks. Note that the huge fans blocking dead end connexions are the ones that are the most obvious to see popping depending on the camera angle and distance. 
2 years 138 days ago

Even though the crash could be caused by the changes which were implemented in the latest update we would recommend you to verify the game's integrity at least 2-3 times so you can make sure that Steam properly downloaded the patch.
As for the crash reports they are regularly checked on our end so you can expect crash fixes in the next update for Inquisitor.

The visual problems are still under investigations - things got better with the latest patch as among other objects chests no longer vanish entirely but we are still trying to deal with the matter. This is our highest priority here so we are hopeful that the next PC patch will get this problem removed in its entirety.