Crash on baneblade mission ps4


Story mission with the baneblade on ps4. 

I follow the road on the map. 

Just before reaching the first marker, the game crashes. 

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Crash on baneblade mission ps4
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144 days ago
Until the patch comes out, Why don’t they make the tank faster or give it more armor so we CAN just roll straight through the mission. Just a thought
149 days ago
We internally fixed the mission and the changes will come with the next PS4 patch!
149 days ago
Turning off all sounds and making maximum zoom in and going straight for the finish allowed me to finish it. I think sound off was the main reason it worked. 
150 days ago
Having the same problem here as well,  and I find it unacceptable that the work around is to go straight for the objective, and that does not work because the tank is to slow, making it impossible.  This needs to be fixed.
164 days ago
I am also having this issue....6 crashes in a row....wether I wander about or not....
169 days ago
.... I can't go faster unfortunately.

I guess ill wait for the patch 

172 days ago
Until we patch the game which will contain fixes concerning this mission please try a workaround which reportedly helped other players who also could not complete the mission: Go straight towards the mission's objective without wandering around - as quickly as possible - this may help. 

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience! 

174 days ago
Having the same issue. Everytime I try to play through fire and flames my game crashes.