Crash After Crash


I have been trying on and off for most of the console (PS4/5) Season of the Brethren to complete the challenges for the season (specifically the void crusade one) with no luck, Are there any plans to address the constant crashing and/or instant failure of the mission(s)/Crusade when the game itself crashes?

I would play for a few days, walk away for a week, back and forth but this is seriously disheartening. Please advise how/what I should do to fully experience the game i spent a lot of money on years ago when it is still nearly (if not worse at times) buggy as all things known?

Don't get me wrong I enjoy the game, its just frustrating to always crash (today alone i failed 4 void crusades and can not complete any side mission sbc the application keeps crashing for the last 3 hours)

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Crash After Crash
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