crafting shot totally :-(


I crafted two items of artificer-level, a neural implant and a rosarius. The neural implant was in the production slot, the rosarius was in the first slot of the queue.

I clicked on the rosarius to see whether or not I would be able to get some Information about it, when all hell broke loose: The rosarius changed from artificer-level to rare-level, most of my advanced materials and almost all of my electro-parts from the basic materials vanished, AND MY WHOLE FORGE VANISHED! Refined Materials, Optimized Crafting, and faster production are just gone. The fourth part of the forge (the second production slot) was also stopped (it would have been finished within 27 minutes by the time the bug crashed it all). The tech-tree looks virginal now, as if I never researched anything!

To me this seems to be a very serious bug, where one simple click erases so much of my invested credits and fate...

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crafting shot totally :-(
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6 years 299 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, we're on it.
6 years 300 days ago

Hey guys, 

Having the same problem here. My items in my crafting table turn green when I click on them and there appears to be no timer on items. 



6 years 300 days ago

The fix of the color change did not work, I left-clicked on two items in the production slots and both changed from purple to green.

Otherwise, my forge/techtree is O.K. again and it looks like the lost materials turned up again, too :-)

And just like Skydance, I cannot see a timer for my crafted items, thus I have no idea how much time is left before I can claim them...

6 years 300 days ago

Unfortunately the crafting is still bugged, I'm trying to make a gun, I do not show a timer, I can not delete craft...

6 years 300 days ago

I had purple armour being crafted, when i put an item in the crafting queue the timer for the armour stopped. When i clicked on armour to remove it, it went green and remains stuck in the crafting window with no timer.

6 years 300 days ago


I received the items that were in my queue that had vanished, but all components keep resetting to 0 after a mission and tech tree is still showing as not being researched.

Thanks mikarb

6 years 300 days ago

Account name is Starwalker.

6 years 300 days ago
6 years 300 days ago

The color change of the items is already fixed, and we are working on the rest atm.

Can I get an account name please?

6 years 300 days ago

Same thing happened to me last night, all of my components vanished the two items in the queue didn't produce anything and my tech tree has reset. I did have refinery and optimised crafting. The only thing I can remember doing myself was right clicking an item to stop producing it, although this may just have been coincedental. After reading Starwalker's post tried to research refinery again but it is stuck on waiting for upgrade.


6 years 300 days ago

I forgot to mention that I lost the neural implant in the production slot as well...

Oh, and by the way, now I can NOT research the tech-tree at all.  The tree is empty, nothing is researched, but clicking on the research button does nothing, although I have enough credits and fate.

So, not ony is gone what I have researched, I canot even get it back by researching it anew :-(

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