Crafting Relics is not completing after latest patch.


There is a crafting bug where you have the listed  ingredients and credits, select craft, and the animation/sound indicates the crafting is complete, but no item.  Can't complete any other crafting action until the command deck is reloaded.  For me its happening on relic items only.  I want to say a few years ago this was a thing and it was caused by the incorrect requirements being listed and you not having the "required" credits /parts.

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Crafting Relics is not completing after latest patch.
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274 days ago
Noticed this myself as well. It just halted, and never actually completed, like it uses to. And I can not begin Craft other items, whether having enough ingredients or not. Not having enough ingredients, is an of course, but you get my meaning.

But still I do wonder if it made it or not actually the thing I did make. Because I check my Inventory, and I do have an item exact like I did make and that is also the exact same Lvl as I made/crafted. But then again, of course I can´t remember if I already had it or not. But the item is also the one and only item I have of that Lvl in Inventory.

Ssooo, hhmmmm...

275 days ago
Also happens with Archeotech Shards sometimes since the Season started