Crafting Issue


Great game for Alpha, really stoked to be playing. 

I started crafting a Demolisher Armor before I logged out. Upon reloading the game the next day I went to pickup the crafted armor but it is stuck at finished and I am unable to collect it or craft anything. Is there a way I can get this resorted or should I just restart a new character? 

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Crafting Issue
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7 years 106 days ago

It is a known bug and the devs have stated that it is already fixed on their side, so you'll have to wait for the next update for it to be ironed out. I am not sure that rolling a new character will fix the issue. In my case, where I did that, plus I deleted my initial one (and also verified the game files integrity via Steam, and reinstalled the game after the bug occurred) but still the crafting menu would not deliver the item I crafted.

7 years 105 days ago
Evil Beard

Awesome, thank you for your response. I figured it was just a matter of time until this would be fixed.