Crafting is horrible and frustrating in this game.


I have never seen a more frustrating more annoying and nerve wrecking crafting system in my life... and I even played diablo 3 for a long time and thats saying something. I'm all for not making this game a diablo 3 copy but I'm so at the end of my rope with this system I'm two steps away from begging you to copy paste the crafting system of diablo 3. I spent my last 30 minutes to reroll a +3psyfocus to +4. after a point it was just my curiosity to see how long it is going to take and I kid you now it literally took 5-10 minutes. that's just a funny thing that can happen to anyone with as rotten luck as mine. real problem, what I really want to focus on this post is the relic and archeotec crafting. biggest issue is that relic and archeotec crafting blueprints have 5 charges... why? does omicron is so stupid he forgets what he crafted 5 seconds ago? doesnt even makes sense unless its sole purpose is to drive your player base crazy then congratulations, it's a success. and Archeotec crafting is menaged to be even more frustrating. not only it has 5 charges per blueprint it also has a fixed Archetec relic enchantment... we already can't reroll the Archetec enchantment how much could it hurt if it would gives us a random archeotec enchantment everytime? I swear I'm dreading to go anywhere near omicron arkh in the ship. everytime I need to craft or reroll a value I sigh so loud household comes to check on me if I'm having an heart attack or something which might be more fun than this crafting experience. I put up with the experience grind, tarot grind, influence grind, ordo reputation grind but crafting really makes me want to stop playing this game all together. please consider removing crafting charges and giving fixed enchantments to archeotec relics at crafting.

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Crafting is horrible and frustrating in this game.
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1 year 37 days ago
Brother Kundari

I mean its almost like they specially gathered around and thought of every way possible to make crafting annoying as hell at every aspect of it.

1 year 37 days ago

I can somehow understand you. I have spent SSOOO MUCH money on rerolls myself. It is just insane sometimes. Lol.

I usually myself doesn´t Craft as much as you may do. What I do is usually just grind to see what I actually find in general and Voids. But OH MY I spent so much cash on rerolling stats. Geez.

But believe me when I say my frustration is quite equal to yours. Because of all those items I wish to have out of both Archeotech and Ancient, only very few comes up with the MAIN ability I actually WANT. The rest I can only sell.

No, I know. It is not Crafting such as yours, but my thing can be equally frustrative. Lot of grinding involved.