Crafting and Gun-Running?


I've hit campaign level 70 with my Crusader, and I have both plenty of materials, and Fate to run missions for relics. However, I cannot spawn any item over level 60, and though my crafting says '70', the result I get is always a nerfed L60 item. This is the same for acquiring Relics. All relics are capped at 60 from any mission or Tarot Card run I do, and the Warzone caps normal relics at L40, and Warzone relics at L50.

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Crafting and Gun-Running?
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5 years 148 days ago

the warzone relic level 60 drop out from Nemesis.

max level of items for season 1 is 60.

 in season 2 max level of item will be 70 and character level 80.

5 years 154 days ago

In this game every time you make or loot an object, it will be 10 levels below the max level. This is not a bug. I never understood the interest.
When the merchant warzone is even worse. For the first two seasons the merchant's light orange relics are still at level 40. The level of equipment of an improved relic of level 70 is much higher. It's shabby.
Neocore promises that it will be settled in the 2.0 update that will take place in the first quarter. 1 month later on console.

By then there will be no more on the game apart from the fierce. Almost nothing has been thought for the harcore players.