Cover walls etc, not being fully destroyed


I've run into issues where cover walls have been destroyed, but leave a wire mesh behind, and pose as an unmovable object. I can make things frustrating when your character gets caught up on an invisible barrier and can no longer move.

This also leads to some maps spawning cover walls that block the pathways completely making the map impossible to complete.

Anyone else having this issue?

Sys Specs:

Win 10 64bit
DirectX 12
i5-4670 3.40Ghz
16GB Ram
Radeon HD 7770

*edit: forgot to put in sys specs.

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Cover walls etc, not being fully destroyed
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6 years 70 days ago

Yes, this is a regular problem, you are not alone!

I have only once had it block me on a map, luckily there was an alternate route to the objective, but I can understand how frustrating this could be. 

Thankfully I usually bring along some form of jump ability when I play these days.