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So the cover system, How to sum it up...

At first it feels rather clumsy and unintuitive. The way you use the terrain makes little to no sense. There can be huge pipes where you can't hide behind even thou its in the middle of the room and its a complete wall between you and the enemy, But you can use the cardboard boxes next to it? There might be walls all around but its just THOSE specific tiny walls made out of paper that works as cover? And all to often you can "hide" behind a cardboard box or a barrel but running past i huge container you get shot right trough it.

In my opinion it really needs some tweaking. If the idea is to use it to make it more action and a way to regain suppression or such its needs to feel like there is a point to it. As of now i rather spend time just kiting or running away and back again instead of watching my character act like it ate a box of LSD trying to interact with an object but almost always running short of it or ending up on the wrong side, IF it even counts as cover...

There is a lot of terrain that block the characters movement, but does not count as cover? so big enough to hinder an inquisitor but small enough no to provide cover, and yet again - the boxes or barrels do? 

Those are my five cents as of now. Cover = mainly a source of frustration rather than something useful.

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Cover system
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6 years 48 days ago

I feel cover should be divided into categories, more then just amount of hp. I imagine Las work less against stone then Multimelta. So atleast a sort of gradesystem, so the paperboxes arn't really dmg soaking asmuch as they increase enemy spread due to lack of line of sight. But yes, cover needs tweeking.

This might be abit of original topic:

But if you could brace weapons on certain type of cover that would be awsome. I am pretty sure you could draw in a handfull of players on steam just with the idea of bracing a Heavy Bolter and 'letter-ripp. 


Vlricus von Kronstadt

6 years 68 days ago

To clarify a bit. I don't think there should be more cover added as extra boxes, barrels or the small concrete emplacements everywhere as you say - it would just be a complete mess in the end. But the things that are already there should be usable as they already are a part of the terrain box. Im not sure this is because my experience in cover based shooters or because of military experience but when i look at the terrain in front of me i want to use it to my advantage (which every soldier should). So if I stand at point A with an enemy at point B and a piece of terrain in between id like it to be usable, at least if its a piece of concrete wall or huge machinery. Most shooters and cover based 3rd persons do this fine but here there are a lot of gaps. Yes i know this ain't a shooter but the mechanics are somewhat similar and seams to be intended for similar usage.

To bring out some examples. The "cathedral" pillars in most in-game missions. Fantastic cover with versatility. All sides work as cover and easy to use. Simple but working. Many thumbs up. Now take a L-shaped corridor (corner shaped) and look at the corner there. Its basically a huge pillar for looks. But no. Can't find cover here no. Small pillar och a barrel = cover. The entire wall of the complex - No can do. This makes me go a bit !?!?.

Another example. the outdoor levels on the forge worlds where you run around att bridges. Sometimes you get paralel bridges with enemies on the other bridge. You've got huge reinforced edges at the bridge. But nope. not cover. A plus-shaped intersection whilst standing almost in it with enemies down one leg of it. Same thing there, you've got something that is thick and in the way but it does not provide cover.

On many levels you have either height differences, Niches and alcoves or simply corners of things which SHOULD prove as cover since it is a huge piece of terrain intersecting the line of sight between you and your enemy but still cant be used as such. Gives a feel of lack of "true line of sight" for those familiar to wargames.

I get the idea of the cover system (why there even is one) and i would love for it to be more usable (hence writing this post) since when it works it really nice. but the game is rather split second decisions and when trying to find out that "yes this one i can hide behind" or "no this is not a cover piece of terrain its just blocking terrain" can mean the difference between life and death resulting in for me - the easiest option "if in doubt just run away and regen" instead of "pushing for more action by using a system intended to be used".

Having tried a bit more ranged play i don't find this to be as much of a problem as gameplay feels a bit more static and controlled and the few pieces you have from the start tend to last. But for melee i say the problem still persist. Yes you can learn every piece of terrain and what is cover and what is not - but that ain't intuitive, and in combat it really should be.

On a completely different topic; Thumbs up for your vids AirsickHydra! Keep up the good work ^_^

6 years 69 days ago

Fairly sure if you placed all cover with a purpose of being most efficient and usable - you would end up with really weird looking maps with boxes all over the place. Previously this was the case and it was very clumsy looking, even if more practical. But. I do understand what you are saying.

While I agree that boxes on the edge of a room don't serve any functional purpose (don't think they are intended too) usually I find you can move to the cover you need in order to participate in a fight. I find it personally to be the difference between life and death quite frequently. 

6 years 69 days ago

I am sure it is not finalized *shrugs*. TBH though i have not had the same problems you are describing, but i mainly use cover when i have to many mobs chasing me and need a breather. But i am always thankful it is there.

 I will agree that on certain occasions the "Yellow/Green" highlight reticles which denote cover locations are odd but i have always found them mostly reasoned and or well placed.

6 years 70 days ago
Cover System is a mess right now and I only use for the increased regen if I have to. They work on it to change it up a bit but I don't know what it'll be at the end.