Couple of stat questions


Just hit 62 on an Arc Sword/Arc Blade Assassin, going pretty well just messing around with various tree's to flesh out the build over the last few levels:

1. Phosphoenic Rites (Heat Tree) - Does the + to heat damage effect Arc Swords/Blades and more specifically does Superheated Discharge apply it's passive, when using melee weapons? (States it's heat damage, but most of the tree looks designed for ranged weapons)

2. Deflect chance - I have a passive on a Relic Arc Blade that "Gains Armour piercing equal to deflect value" unless I'm missing something I can't see a way of seeing what my deflect chance actually is. Any advice on deflect chance appreciated.

Edit: Okay so looks like Deflect is the Crusader defensive stat. Does this even apply to Assassins?

3. Dodge - Running at about 30% Dodge right now (When Adrenaline bar is full which it pretty much always is). DPS isn't my problem it's getting owned occasionally from a bunch of ranged dudes (Usually in warzones). Does Dodge help with dodging ranged attacks or is it only melee? If the stat is useless then I can usually solve the problem by dodge moving a lot, but I'd rather know once and for all.

I do have combat fly text turned on, but at times things are far too hectic to be able to pay attention to that when your screen is full of murderous Chaos scum trying to kill you.

Any help appreciated!

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Couple of stat questions
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