Cosmetic items lost ?



I just got the game back W40k Inquisitor Martyr and Prophecy, and i saw that i did not have access to cosmetic items that i already had before :

     Legacy (Founding Bonus)


               - Wrathful Cherub

               - Scryer-skull

               - Torch-skull


               - Facepalm

               - King

               - Perish

     Legagy (Seasonal Gift)


               - Repentant Cherub

          Cosmetics Helmets

               - Mask of the Martyrs

Would it be possible to have them back ?

Thanks for taking time to help resolve my problems.

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Cosmetic items lost ?
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80 days ago
Brother Kundari

We will check this out as well as your account and I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

82 days ago
Old post, but I´m trying.

Regarding this Repentant Cherub. Then yes, i am having it, (or at least I´m having it displayed on this extras menu) but I´m unable to activate it. I do remember it was a gift or something from some kind of event, but can´t recall which one.

I also see that the Foundry Cherub is available, but not available to activate, which is understandable, since I did not have that Foundry package purchased.

Was the Repentant Cherub one of the Seasonal Gifts like some of the other pets given? Or was the Repentant Cherub one of the Specific Event prizes that you could earn by completing x number of Quests/Missions or reaching a set number of goals as an in-game event within that specific time?

Or was it a prize only for the top 200 on the Leaderboards? I remember some Event(s) having special prizes for top 200.

Help me out here please.

193 days ago
May we ask what did you lose? Did you check whether your items returned after you relogged? There is a built-in mechanism in the game which returns the missing items after a relog. 
194 days ago

my items are also missing ... How do I fix this?

260 days ago

That's fine for me ! Thanks for taking time concerning my problem. Waiting for some news from you.

261 days ago

We would like to ask your kind patience as due to some technical difficulties it takes more time but we are on it. Sorry for the delay.

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269 days ago
DeathWatch 000

I will ask an update on this and I will get back to you here these weekdays.

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273 days ago

can you tell me what is new with my problem.


286 days ago
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288 days ago

For information my account has only one character.
It's a psyker. Her name is Eisenhorn.
289 days ago

Of course. My account name is DeathWatch 000 (the following numbers are zeros and there is a space before the numbers).

289 days ago
May I ask your account name? I would check your account.