Corsair M65 mouse middle button not recognized


I have a Corsair M65 RGB mouse and it seems the middle button is not recognized by the game. Scroll function works, but the button function does not. I cannot rotate the camera due to this...

Middle button works in other games, I also tested the game with another mouse and the middle button worked.

Issue only seems to appear in this particular game with this particular mouse.

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Corsair M65 mouse middle button not recognized
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7 years 102 days ago
Is there a toggle for your wheel to set it to different modes? It was causing an issue with other gaming mice. Check your software developed for your mouse.
7 years 102 days ago
I am also currently using a Corsair M65 RGB with no issues for button bindings etc thus far.
7 years 101 days ago
I just reset my settings in the Corsair Utility Engine and the middle button works in the game as well now!

Thank you!