Cooldown Weapon Skills PS4


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I have 6 characters.
Crusader with two-handed weapons (hammer and ax), Crusader with one-handed and shield (power sword and hammer), assassin with sniper rifles, assassin with two-handed swords, and two psykers with staves. There are no problems with psykers, all skills have a personal cooldown (I didn’t check weapons for them )and the crusader with two-handed weapons. Everyone else has a common 2 second cooldown on any weapon set.
In addition, a two-handed hammer jump. Before the patch, when hitting a dense character, it would hang for a second and a half in place, but beat. Now he flies behind the enemy, even if he is on target, especially noticeable on large mobs.

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Cooldown Weapon Skills PS4
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3 years 122 days ago

The reason was found - Tactics perk.In the description of the patch after "Primary Skills' Global Cooldowns have been reduced" write: Perk tactics changed, + 1 second to cooldown.A two-handed hammer, when hitting a tight one, also flies over the target.