Controller bugged


I don't know if this is affecting anyone else but my controller support seems bugged, no input works other than the shoulder buttons on character select, can't enter game or anything on windows 10

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Controller bugged
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6 years 146 days ago
I have a dual shock 4, xbox 360, and steam controller, none of them work other than the shoulder buttons in character menu. Enable controller is checked off
6 years 146 days ago
Also thank you for the reply and sorry for me being so late
6 years 173 days ago
What controller are you using? It should be fine for the tutorials at least. Check if "Enabble controller" is selected in the options menu.

However, we are battling a major controller issue atm, hopefully we can fix it soon.

6 years 94 days ago
Same PB whit keyboard + mouse or controller xbox360. no imput working. can't access option menu
6 years 93 days ago
My PS4 controller works fine,  I have controller enabled on the game but disabled on Steam. I also use DS4 to emulate a XBOX 360 controller
6 years 112 days ago
The problem persists, I'm starting to wonder if it is something to do with my machine