Hotfix for Knight's Tale - v1.0.1 | April 29


Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v1.0.1


  • Overwatch can be cancelled now in the same turn if one clicks on the button again and the Hero receives back all their spent Aps (Action Point)
  • Added a Quicksave/Quickload option
  • Added an End Turn hotkey (Ctrl+Enter)
  • Added an End Turn hotkey (Ctrl+Enter)
  • Now players can disable Film Grain in the Settings
  • Added an Audio Driver selection option in the Settings
  • Now players can deselect a selected skill by clicking once again on the selected skill (deselection still works with ESC as well)
  • Video subtitles are now enabled by default
  • Added a rebind option to Camera rotation
  • Closing the Save window will automatically close the ESC menu too
  • Updated the description of Armour Breaking in the Game mechanics to be more comprehensible
  • Added a short description to Taunt skills that they do not work if the enemy has at least 50% Mental Resistance

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the AvaLAN Party PvP achievement which did not unlock properly
  • Fixed a few memory-related issues
  • Fixed the following challenges: Camper, Marksman, Pyromaniac, Carnage Master, Poison Master
  • Fixed the Strong trait
  • Fixed the Healthful trait
  • Fixed Sir Kay's Stubborn trait which procced even if his Vitality was full
  • Fixed the trait-removal Tome which did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue in the Wild Hunt mission where the quest giver NPC could die before you learned about the quest
  • Sometimes, after managing our item in the inventory, some stats were not displayed properly
  • Fixed the Tradesman trait which did not display its effect when one placed Sir Bors into the Merchant
  • Fixed an issue that in certain encounters where enemy units expected reinforcements, the reinforcement group sometimes could not join the fight
  • Fixed an encounter in the Forbidden Keep mission where sometimes not all Heroes were placed into the area of the battle
  • Fixed the Poison Cone skill's effect
  • Removed the difficulty level options from Roguelite as it was accidentally available in this mode
  • Fixed various Endgame missions which could not be finished even if you finished all objectives
  • Sometimes after loading a save file, critters did not move at all. This has been fixed
  • Fixed various voiceovers (including the female voice of the Merchant in Old Monastery which was supposed to be a male voice)
  • Fixed the Tradesman trait which did not display its benefit if we put Sir Bors into the Merchant
  • Fixed an issue where the Minimap could turn completely white if one selected another localization in mission
  • Corrected the description of the Travelling Merchant event to be more comprehensible
  • Skills (like the Unyielding skill of Mordred) which grant HP when hitting or killing enemy units will now work against Lost enemies and objects as well
  • Fixed an issue where players could get the same loot in the first few missions. Now the loot is more randomized
  • The Accept button did not work when one tried to save their progress with a controller. This has been fixed
  • Fixed several typos

Fixed sounds

  • Fixed Sir Tewelyn's missing unique reactions
  • Fixed an issue where doors and gates didn't have opening sounds
  • Fixed various enemy unit's missing voices
  • Balanced the volume of the footsteps on surfaces
  • Balanced various interface sounds
  • Fixed various cutscenes' sounds

We would like to thank everyone's feedback, suggestions and bug reports over the last couple of days. We will keep working on the existing issues so you can definitely expect further improvements in the coming period.

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Hotfix for Knight's Tale - v1.0.1 | April 29
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